Police arrest central Vietnam bank robbers

By Xuan Ngoc   September 6, 2018 | 07:19 pm PT
Police arrest central Vietnam bank robbers
Tran Hoang Nhat Tung and Dam Minh Quang are held at a police station in Khanh Hoa Province for robbing a bank. Photo by VnExpress/Xuan Ngoc
The two men who robbed a bank in Khanh Hoa and escaped with nearly $130,000 in cash have been arrested.

Police in the central province of Khanh Hoa police said they arrested Tran Hoang Nhat Tung, 36, and Dam Minh Quang, 30, on Thursday night as the duo were traveling on a motorbike on the same street in Ninh Hoa Town where they robbed a Vietcombank branch.

Tung and Quang are Ninh Hoa residents, police said, adding that they were tracked down based on camera footage at the bank.

A search of the men’s houses netted four handmade guns and dozens of bullets of the same kind found in the robbed bank. The duo had brought five guns with them when committing the robbery, police said.

They also found more than VND3 billion (over $128,300) in cash that the robbers took from the bank. The cash was buried at an abandoned house not very far from one of the robbers’ house.

Police said that one of the robbers was a drug addict.

In the camera footage, both men had their heads, faces and hands covered when walking into the bank on Wednesday.

The two hurried out when an alarm bell went off in the bank. One of them threatened the staff, mostly women, and chased after the guards with his gun while the other took the cash.

Eye witnesses said one of the men dropped his gun in front of the bank before the other one fired two shots in the air to threaten people around before they made their escape.

One witness said the whole incident took little more than two minutes.

It has been reported that Vietcombank is unlikely to suffer any loss as it is insured as regulated.

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