Party Central Committee to nominate members for new term

By Hoang Thuy   December 13, 2020 | 07:45 pm PT
Party Central Committee to nominate members for new term
The 14th plenum of the 12th Central Committee of Vietnam's Communist Party opens in Hanoi, December 14, 2020. Photo by Vietnam government's portal.
The Communist Party Central Committee began its 14th plenum in Hanoi on Monday to select new members for the next five years.

The week-long event will see personnel nominated not only for the committee, the Party’s most powerful body, but also the Politburo, the main decision-making body of the Party.

The plenum will hear a Politburo report on the members in consideration, and committee members will then discuss and cast their votes.

Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong, who is also the president, said in his opening remark, "Preparedness to choose the new personnel of the Politburo and 13th Party Central Committee is crucial and has a direct bearing on the success of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party and the development of the nation."

He said each member of the committee should "carefully consider and put the benefits of the Party, the nation and the people first" when casting their votes.

The plenum will also review and provide feedback on documents to be submitted to the National Congress to be held in January.

They include a review of the outgoing Central Committee and Politburo.

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