Man gets 30 months in jail for spreading Covid-19

By Viet Quoc   September 25, 2021 | 08:30 pm PT
Man gets 30 months in jail for spreading Covid-19
Phan Van Hoa listens as police in Ninh Thuan Province read a warrant to detain him for investigation, August 19, 2021. Photo by the police
A central Vietnam court sentenced a local man to 30 months in jail Saturday for breaching quarantine rules and spreading the novel coronavirus to four other people.

Phan Van Hoa, 39, was found guilty of "spreading dangerous infectious diseases to human" by the court in Ninh Thuan Province’s Phan Rang – Thap Cham Town.

On July 6, Hoa drove a truck from Ho Chi Minh City, which had become the epicenter of Vietnam’s fourth Covid-19 wave, back to the town, which is also his hometown.

As regulated, all people returning from Covid-19 hit areas had to submit health declarations and isolate themselves for two weeks.

However, Hoa did not comply with the rules. Instead, he visited different places in town and attended a death-anniversary commemoration, where he made direct contact with many people.

Eight days after his return from HCMC, Hoa developed Covid-19 symptoms of fever and sore throat. Tests confirmed that he had been infected with the novel coronavirus.

Authorities tracked and isolated everyone he’d come into contact with. Four of them later contracted the virus.

Hoa was charged after he had recovered from the disease.

Vietnam was hit by the fourth Covid-19 wave late April. Since then, more than 742,000 cases have been recorded in 62 of the nation’s 63 localities.

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