Lightning kills 3 in Vietnam as monsoon season starts

By Gia Chinh, Thien Nhan, Cuu Long   April 27, 2018 | 01:01 am PT
Lightning kills 3 in Vietnam as monsoon season starts
Vietnam has reported multiple cases of people struck by lightning this week. Photo by Reuters
Two were killed in the Central Highlands and the other in Hanoi the day after.

Lighting killed a woman in Hanoi and two people in the Central Highlands' Dak Long Province this week as the monsoon season started in Vietnam.

Ngo Thi Thu, 27, from Hanoi, was struck by lighting on Wednesday morning while she was taking care of her son. She was taken to the hospital but she succumbed to serious injuries. Her husband and son were injured.

Part of the house roof was blown up and there were cracks on the wall.

On Tuesday, a couple in Dak Nong were found lying dead in a field with burn injuries after they were struck by lightning.

Lighting also struck four women in an open field in Soc Trang Province in southern Vietnam on Wednesday, knocking one of them unconscious with multiple burns while the others had singed hair.

They were not able to find a shelter when a thunderstorm arose. The golden necklace of the unconscious woman was burnt and melted. She has recovered after receiving medical treatment.

Doctors said her internal organs are unharmed but they are concerned about possible impact on her heart conditions later as lighting struck her chest.

The chances of being killed by lightning are 300,000 to one. The odds of being struck in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000, according to National Geographic.

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