Laser beams threaten planes at Vietnam's international airport

By Doan Loan   June 22, 2016 | 06:45 pm PT
The National Committee of Civil Aviation Security has found four cases in which airplanes at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi were threatened by laser beams this June.

On June 2, Regiment 921 detected laser lights in the southwest of the port while performing their tasks. Though related departments jumped in to investigate, no culprit was found.

The incident was repeated on the evening of June 11 when a pilot of state-owned carrier Vietnam Airlines, who was about to land the airplane, discovered laser beams towards the west, 40 kilometers from Noi Bai Airport.

One day later, another crew of Vietnam Airlines detected green laser lights projected onto the cockpit.

Green laser beams, which started from the west, 27 kilometers from the airport, were also found projected on an airplane of private carrier VietJet on June 14.

“Projecting laser beams on a plane during its landing or take off may not cause any serious consequences, but this could hurt pilots’ eyes. Laser beams, in addition can drive pilots to be disoriented, temporarily losing control of the airplane, threatening safety of the flight, " the National Committee of Civil Aviation Security said in a statement.

The committee added that the four cases had violated international and Vietnam's provisions on civil aviation security.

To handle the problem, the committee has asked Hanoi’s Steering Committee against terrorism, in cooperation with the police, to review the cases and prevent further incidents.

Noi Bai International Airport and local authorities are required to call on surrounding organizations and individuals not to use laser lights, affecting flight operations.

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