Khanh Hoa quarantines 36 South Korea arrivals

By Xuan Ngoc   February 27, 2020 | 12:04 am PT
Khanh Hoa quarantines 36 South Korea arrivals
People arriving at Cam Ranh International Airport in Khanh Hoa Province have to declare their health condition. Photo by VnExpress/Xuan Ngoc.
Khanh Hoa Province, which was declared free of Covid-19 Wednesday, is having 36 arrivals from South Korea in quarantine.

Among the 36 who landed at Cam Ranh International Airport, 19 are from Deagu City, seven from Gyeongsang, five from Busan while the others hail from different areas across South Korea.

Eight of them showed symptoms like fever and coughing and have been taken to Khanh Hoa Hospital of Tropical Diseases for treatment while the rest are to be quarantined at local hospitals. On Wednesday afternoon, seven tested negative for the Covid-19 virus.

On Tuesday, five Vietnamese students in Deagu flew to Khanh Hoa from Busan and entered quarantine at the tropical diseases hospital.

Flights from Deagu to Cam Ranh Airport ceased on February 22. Khanh Hoa Province has additionally required health declarations from all South Korea arrivals.

Khanh Hoa has reported only one Covid-19 infection, a hotel receptionist who was infected from two Chinese guests. She left hospital after recovey on February 4.

The province was declared coronavirus free after recording no new patients for 39 days.

Khanh Hoa, home to popular beach town Nha Trang, welcomed 305,000 tourists from South Korea in 2019, with the January number having reached 50,000.

Vietnam declared the coronavirus outbreak an epidemic on February 1, and has recorded a total of 16 patients, all of whom have been cured and discharged. The country as a whole has recorded no new infections in the past two weeks.

The country suspended entry from all coronavirus-hit areas around the world. Visitors from countries and territories affected by the virus are required to submit health declarations on arrival and will be placed in quarantine if they show symptoms like high fever, coughing and breathing difficulties.

The global death toll is approaching 3,000, with most fatalities in mainland China, followed by Iran with 22, South Korea with 13 and Italy with 11.

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