Hanoi's youths keep Tet spirit in style

By VNA   February 11, 2024 | 01:28 am PT
Hanoi's youths keep Tet spirit in style
A meal during the Lunar New Year holidays. Photo by VnExpress
In today's fast-paced world, many young people in the capital city of Hanoi have found their own ways to experience Lunar New Year suitable to modern life while still preserving the essence of the traditional celebration.

Amidst the festive year-end atmosphere, to give more meaning to Tet – the longest and biggest holiday in the country, quite a few have taken matters into their own hands by making traditional Tet treats such as candied fruits and sweets. This not only ensures health and safety but also creates activities to bond family members. This is why 21-year-old Nguyen Thi Thom, in Lien Ha commune of Dan Phuong district, is excitedly planning to open a candy-making workshop in the cozy part of her home.

Thom said she loves family activities, but there isn't always enough time for everyone to gather. Only during Tet, her family gets to be together, so she wants to personally create meaningful and sentimental items for her beloved. For the past 2-3 years, Thom has been making Tet candied fruits to serve her family and give away as gifts to relatives.

She explained that by doing it herself, she ensures the cleanliness and safety of the treats. Each family member lends a hand in the process, so it doesn't feel like a burden.

Appreciating the beauty of traditional traits, Nguyen Anh Tuan, a 27-year-old resident in Hoang Mai district, applies his working skills in the creative industry to Tet-related items. He designs the lucky-money envelopes for his family, incorporating elements such as apricot and peach blossoms, and bronze drum patterns as highlights.

Generation Z, born and raised in the era of Internet development, have opted to celebrate the holiday in an "industrial" way and cherish it as they wish.

Busy young individuals, like Do Thi Anh Thu in Cau Giay district said Tet is only joyful when she gets home. "I don't want my family to have to prepare too many dishes, so I prioritise shopping online to save time. This also helps me have more time to be with them, have meals, tell stories, recall memories, and enjoy cheerful conversations."

Thu said she thinks society is changing every day, and celebrating Tet doesn't need to be confined to a common formula. The core is ensuring the preservation of Vietnamese people’s longstanding traditions.

In the modern age, the Tet celebration is being diversified and appears in various forms thanks to the fresh perspective of youth. Their sharing shows their appreciation of and wishes to preserve and promote traditional values.

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