Hanoi opens hotlines to improve food safety

By Bui Hong Nhung   May 18, 2016 | 03:22 am PT
Hanoi opens hotlines to improve food safety
Officials are checking food origin at a local market.
The capital has announced three new hotlines that will be used to gather information from members of the public about food safety violations, said the government's online news portal.

The three hotlines connect to the Department of Industry and Trade (1900585826), the Deparment of Agriculture and Rural Development (043 3800115) and the Department of Health (043 998 5765).

Data from the city’s Department of Health show that Hanoi has about 60,000 businesses working in food-related areas, and more than 400 markets and 90 supermarkets.

The huge numbers have made it difficult for the city to monitor and control food safety issues. From the start of 2016 until mid-May, authorities identified more than 7,800 violations and collected fines of VND13 billion ($585,000).

Some officials said that it is difficult for them to monitor and trace the origin of food sold at local markets and small stalls.

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