Hackers attack Vietnamese cyber security company

By Dinh Nam   August 5, 2016 | 12:53 am PT
Vietnamese hackers, not Chinese, were allegedly behind this latest attack.

Cyber security firm Athena came under attack on August 4 by a Vietnamese group that call themselves ‘Ba Team’.

The hackers changed the content of Athena’s website by inserting a video from Youtube and left a message saying that they would target other cyber security centers and companies.


A screenshot of Athena’s homepage after the attack. 

The team even updated information about the attack on Zone-h, a website hackers often use to boast about their "achievements".

Athena's two website addresses were redirected to their Facebook fanpage after the attack.

At the end of July, computer systems at Vietnam’s two biggest airports were targeted by alleged Chinese hackers, leaking client information and forcing check-in staffs to perform their tasks manually.

Athena boss Vo Do Thang told the press that many Vietnamese website administrators have been caught off guard by hackers and rarely update information about loopholes in cyber security.

Data from BKAV, Vietnam’s leading cyber security center, revealed that 40 percent of Vietnamese websites have security leaks. About 300 websites are attacked each month.

Vietnam is also listed among the most vulnerable countries when it come to cyber security because around 66 percent of its websites are estimated to be infected with viruses or malware.

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