Filipina receives death for drug smuggling

By Phan Anh   October 9, 2020 | 03:30 am PT
Filipina receives death for drug smuggling
A hand holds up a bag of white, narcotic powder. Illustration photo by Shutterstock.
A Filipino woman was sentenced to death in southern Tay Ninh Province Friday for smuggling about five kg of drugs.

Gabog Cortez Madelyn, 36, was discovered entering Tay Ninh from Cambodia through a border gate on January 18. Customs officials found plastic bags hidden among her luggage containing the illegal substances, Tay Ninh People's Court heard, Tay Ninh Online reported.

Madelyn said she had visited Vietnam since 2017, working as a housekeeper in HCMC, which borders Tay Ninh.

On January 13, she was hired by an unidentified person through social media to travel from HCMC to Cambodia to receive a suitcase, before delivering it to another contact back in the city. The culprit who had hired Madelyn paid her $500 for the job.

On January 15, Madelyn traveled from HCMC to Cambodia on a bus. She then stayed at a hotel, before receiving the suitcase from a person at a local restaurant on January 17.

On January 18, Madelyn checked the suitcase’s contents and put some of her personal clothes inside. She then got on a bus to return to Vietnam, but was caught by customs officials the same day, Hai Quan Online reported.

Despite having some of the world's toughest drug laws, drug busts remain a frequent occurrence in Vietnam.

Those convicted of possessing or smuggling more than 600 grams of heroin or more than 2.5 kilograms of methamphetamine face the death penalty. The production or sale of 100 grams of heroin or 300 grams of other illegal narcotics is also punishable by death.

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