Eximbank to hold annual general meetings

By Van Pham    April 17, 2021 | 04:00 am PT
Eximbank's next annual general meetings AGM 2020 and AGM 2021 will take place simultaneously from April 26 to 27.

The coming AGMs will address the bank's strategy, senior management personnel, new term for BOD, legal representative appointment, charters which require to be updated in compliance with new regulations effective from Jan. 1, and many other matters pending for AGM's approval in recent years.

"The meetings ensure smooth and efficient administration and management of the bank, serving the ultimate goal of building Eximbank as a symbol of trust and transparence to shareholders and customers," an Eximbank's representative said.

An Eximbanks transaction office. Photo by: Eximbank.

An Eximbank's transaction office. Photo by: Eximbank.

"Eximbank commits to deliver the best products and services with transparence, appreciation and high responsibility in its daily activities."

The bank recommends shareholders to work with the official representative appointed by the bank, to ensure that all matters are conducted in compliance with relevant laws and to facilitate the organization of the AGMs.

Eximbank aims to ensure necessary consensus for the bank’s sustainable development. To make sure all public information is verified by the bank and not causing adverse impact on the bank’s reputation, Eximbank recommends media and press agents to have their information confirmed by the official spokesperson of the bank.

Detailed agendas of the meetings are available on the bank’s website https://eximbank.com.vn.

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