Philippines warns of scorching heat

By VNA   April 8, 2024 | 06:38 pm PT
Philippines warns of scorching heat
People in Leyte Province of the Philippines in 2020. Photo by Unsplash/Nathan Goodwin
The national weather bureau of the Philippines on Monday warned of a scorching heat index of up to 51 degrees Celsius in at least nine areas across the country.

The bureau said nine areas are classified as "danger", indicating temperatures ranging from 42-51 degrees Celsius. The rest of the Southeast Asian country is under "extreme caution", with temperatures ranging from 33-41 degrees Celsius.

The heat index measures how hot it feels when the relative humidity at a given location is considered. Areas experiencing a danger level heat index will likely experience heat cramps and exhaustion.

To avoid potential complications from the extreme heat, the bureau advised the public to limit outdoor activities and drink plenty of water.

The Philippine government has allowed schools to conduct online rather than face-to-face classes to protect students, especially children, from high heat index.

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