Elite Central Highlands forces celebrate anniversary

By Nguyen Dong, Van Pham   April 12, 2016 | 04:27 am PT
Tay Nguyen's (Central Highlands) mobile units regiment are the country's top well-trained armed forces, ready to prevent upheavals and counter terrorism.

On April 12, Tay Nguyen's mobile units regiment (E20) celebrated its 15th anniversary. 

On the occasion, the regiment was awarded Fatherland Defense Order second level by State president. Colonel general Pham Dung, Vice Minister of Public Security, himself handed the medal to the unit.

On the occasion, the regiment was awarded the Fatherland Defense Order, second level, by the president. Colonel General Pham Dung, vice minister of Public Security, presented the medal to the unit.


The mobile units consist of three battalions with over 1,500 police officers. The battalions are based in the provinces of Gia Lai, Dak Lak and Lam Dong.

Mobile units will batons, shields are the principal force responsible for preventing and cracking down upheavals.

Police wield batons and shields in full riot gear during a parade.

Special force specializes in anti-terrorism, kidnapping.

Special forces specialize in anti-terrorism and kidnapping cases.

Trainers of peoples police officers took part in the parade.

Trainers take part in the parade.


After the parade the units put on a martial arts performance.

The most captivating performance is when police officers stand the knives, axes stabbing them, carrying heavy weight walking on shattered glass, standing on pointy nails&

The most captivating performance was when police officers walked on broken glass carrying heavy weights.

A police officer bent the steel bar with his neck, then bent it back.

A police officer bends a steel bar with his neck.

The shooting performances in many shapes, pass the terrains&

A shooting performance shows the officers' ability to adapt to different terrain.

The disguise act while carrying weapon then approaching terrorists by rope.

Officers in disguise carry out a practice drill.

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