Chinese murdering Vietnamese for organs not true: Vietnam police

By Phuong Son   August 11, 2016 | 03:46 pm PT
Chinese murdering Vietnamese for organs not true: Vietnam police
A commune in Ha Giang Province. Photo by VnExpress
A police notice that said 16 locals have been killed for organs by Chinese groundless.

Colonel Le Van Canh, spokesman of Vietnam’s Ha Giang Province Police, on Thursday shrugged off information that a number of locals have been kidnapped and murdered for organs by Chinese groups.

A warning notice sent to commune police and schools in the Si Ma Cai District of the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai went viral in recent days. It said in the first half of this year, 16 Vietnamese, mostly old people and children, in the nearby province of Ha Giang were kidnapped and then murdered for organs by a group of Chinese traveling by car. The cases took place in areas close to the border between Vietnam and China.

The district police asked agencies and locals to stay alert and immediately report to police if they spot anything suspicious.

Canh said after seeing the notice on the Internet, Ha Giang Police did a careful check and concluded that there was no such case happening in the province.

Also on Thursday, Nguyen Van Minh, chairman of the Si Ma Cai People’s Committee, said the police notice was just a warning and there is no organ harvesting in the district.

In fact, eight Vietnamese people involved in human trafficking, including trafficking of children, were arrested in Ha Giang during January-June this year, the People’s Army Newspaper cited a Vietnam News report as saying on Thursday.

Ha Giang has a 277 km of borderline with China.

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