British navy vessel visits Vietnam

By Minh Nga   October 1, 2021 | 02:47 am PT
British navy vessel visits Vietnam
British Royal Navy frigate HMS Richmond at the Cam Ranh Port in Vietnam’s central Khanh Hoa Province, October 1, 2021. Photo by U.K. Embassy in Vietnam
British Royal Navy frigate HMS Richmond docked at Cam Ranh Port in Vietnam’s central Khanh Hoa Province on Friday for a four-day stay.

The visit comes on the 10th anniversary of U.K. – Vietnam defense cooperation and just two months after the first-ever visit to Vietnam by the U.K. Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace in July.

The ship's presence "underlines the U.K.'s commitment to the Indo-Pacific, at the heart of which lies the U.K.'s partnership with Vietnam," the U.K. Embassy in Hanoi stated.

Speaking at the ceremony to welcome the ship to Vietnam, Captain Hugh Botterill, HMS Richmond’s commanding officer, said: "Our role is to demonstrate the U.K.'s commitment to a persistent and reliable presence in the Indo-Pacific, including crucial regional partners like Vietnam with whom we have numerous shared interests. These include maritime security, sustainable development, climate change and a desire to see mutual economic growth."

British Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward said: "HMS Richmond's visit reaffirms the U.K.'s Indo-Pacific tilt and our commitment towards expanding defense relationships with key partners in the region."

Following the visit of the U.K. Defense Secretary Wallace to Vietnam in July, the U.K. will deepen its defense cooperation further with Vietnam, he said, adding the U.K. will hold its fourth annual bilateral Defence Policy Dialogue later this year to recognize the importance of maritime security in the Indo-Pacific and the need to contribute to U.N. peacekeeping for global peace and security.

HMS Richmond was launched in 1993 and has a crew of 193 officers.

Stretching 133 meters long with a displacement of 4,812 tons, she can operate in almost any maritime role anywhere in the world and undertake operations from counter-narcotics and anti-piracy to disrupting people trafficking and detaining criminals.

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