Miss Supranational runner-up: 'I surpassed myself at VnExpress Marathon Hue'

By Thi Quan   April 23, 2024 | 07:53 pm PT
Kim Duyen, Miss Supranational 2022 second runner-up, said she excelled herself when she completed the 10 km distance at VnExpress Marathon Hue with a time of 1:32:17.

Duyen and around 8,000 other runners participated in the Hue race on Sunday. Two days after the race, she gradually recovered her physical strength and returned to work. The beauty queen shared her thoughts on her first time running at VnExpress Marathon and the impressive aspects of Hue.

How did you feel when participating in a race of the VnExpress Marathon system for the first time and running a marathon in Hue?

At first, I was a bit worried, but I gradually relaxed when my sisters in the "Miss Universe family (Unicorp)" encouraged me, gave me advice, and shared their running experiences. The atmosphere on the running route was exciting, creating enthusiasm and joy. The runners were very friendly, so my mind was always in the best state. This is definitely one of the first experiences I can hardly forget.

In addition, I was happy to be cheered on and waved at by the people and other runners. Thanks to everyone's love and support, I was able to complete the 10 km route with a time of 1:32:17. And most importantly, I surpassed myself.

Thank you, Hue, for everyone being so lovely and for the beautiful and historical race course. I hope in the future I have the opportunity to participate in more of these wonderful races.

The moment Duyen finishes the 10km distance at Hue on 4/21. Photo by Duc Dong

Kim Duyen Duyen finishes the 10km distance at VM Hue on April 21, 2024. Photo by Duc Dong

What goal did you set and how did you distribute your energy?

Initially, I didn't set a specific target time for reaching the finish line; I just hoped not to give up halfway. As I said, VnExpress Marathon Hue 2024 is the first professional race I have participated in, so completing the full 10 km made me happy and proud of myself.

Actually, this distance was quite challenging and difficult for me. Due to my lack of experience, in the early stages, I suffered from hip shock and lost a lot of energy. Fortunately, people then instructed me on how to maintain my heart rate, sustain endurance, and not lose energy. In the middle and near the end of the race, I balanced my mental state and strength well, and from there, I sprinted to the finish line.

What was the biggest obstacle for you and other runners in the race on April 21?

I didn't have any problems with the weather; it was pleasant, and my spirit was even more uplifted when running through beautiful roads in Hue.

The only difficulty for me was that I hadn't prepared well mentally and physically for the long run. Certainly, from VnExpress Marathon Hue 2024, I have learned many tips to achieve better results in future races.

Kim Duyen said her marathon journey was easier thanks to the guidance of colleagues and fellow runners. Photo by Duc Dong

Kim Duyen said her marathon journey was easier thanks to the guidance of colleagues and fellow runners. Photo by Duc Dong

How do you evaluate the organization of VnExpress Marathon Hue 2024?

I was impressed with the way the organizers designed the running route, arranged water stations, and managed road closures. Every stage was professional, clearly showing the dedication of each staff member. The volunteer team and the people were also enthusiastic.

The runners also received mental support from the organizers. Thank you, everyone, for working your best and caring for runners like us.

Do you have any advice for novice runners?

I'm also a newbie, so I don't have too much advice for everyone. From my experience, I hope you will train properly and prepare very well before participating in a race - both physically and mentally.

You also don't need to worry during your first professional race because the organizers and fellow runners are always ready to guide and help you.

In addition, you should read carefully the rules and cut-off times (COT) of the four distances. This is the maximum time limit for athletes to complete the race with the registered distance by passing the finish line. If you don't make it through the COT checkpoints, the organizers will take back your bib and write "DNF" (Did Not Finish) on it.

Kim Duyen shows off her first running medal ever. Photo courtesy of Kim Duyen

Kim Duyen shows off her first running medal. Photo courtesy of Kim Duyen

What are your upcoming plans?

I will continue to focus on my work, and at the same time, I will actively practice and train every day so that I can join upcoming VnExpress Marathon races. I also believe that with meticulous organization and beautiful running routes, the next VnExpress Marathon races are worth looking forward to.

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