Why won’t my husband earn more so I can work less?

By Thu Cuc   November 20, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
My husband’s current monthly salary is VND14 million (US$528), and I think I would suffer less if he could raise it to VND30 million.

I am 34, and we have a five-year-old kid. My husband is an office worker and, as mentioned, his job pays him VND14 million a month.

His salary is just enough for us to pay for rent and our kid’s tuition fees at the kindergarten, so we have had to borrow money to cover other costs of living for a few months now, which has made us argue a lot.

I have been through many jobs attempting to raise my income, from being an office worker to launching my own business, but nothing has worked.

I rented a place for VND5 million a month to sell things a few months ago, but it has not been performing well so I have had to borrow money from my parents to cover the rent. I have borrowed a total of VND170 million from them already.

I told my husband that I wanted a divorce during a recent argument, to which he agreed immediately without even thinking twice, which made me think hard.

On the one hand, I know that I’m somewhat of a financial burden for my husband as I do not earn much and keep failing with my work.

On the other hand, I think if he worked harder to earn between VND25-30 million a month instead of VND14 million like currently, my life would be less difficult. I mean, men are breadwinners of the families, so why does he not attempt harder?

I am exhausted because of our financial issues. What should I do?

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