Should I take care of my uncle to inherit $800,000?

By Nam Hung   April 21, 2024 | 03:13 pm PT
My father’s brother, who is childless, has requested one of us siblings to look after him in return for three land plots valued at VND20 billion (US$786,000).

I’m a 32-year-old man, married with two children, and have a younger brother who is also married. My father has five siblings, including four sisters and a brother.

My uncle invited my father over earlier this year and proposed that either my brother or I should stay with him to assist him and his wife in their last years, offering in return the transfer of three plots of land. Given their prime locations, these plots hold significant value.

It’s interesting to note that unlike my father who acquired a land plot of lesser value, my uncle has always invested in properties at strategic locations expected to appreciate in value, even when he has to take loans, making his offer particularly noteworthy.

Upon my father relaying this proposal, neither my wife nor my brother’s wife expressed any objections, although my brother himself declined the offer. I, too, was uncertain, considering allowing my brother and his wife the opportunity, especially since her job is not secure, and they could potentially take over my uncle’s business if they moved in with him.

The challenge lies in cohabitating with my uncle, who has a history of holding a low opinion of our family. While my parents are humble farmers, my aunts and uncle are either entrepreneurs or government employees. My mother once said: "All the intelligence in this family went to your aunts and uncles, leaving none for your father."

Moreover, my siblings and I are employed in factories close to our residence, unlike our cousins, who are either successful business people or government officials. This disparity has given my uncle even more reason to look down on us, frequently calling us foolish whenever we make mistakes or disagree with his views.

Having grown accustomed to my uncle’s disdain over the years, my brother and I now find ourselves pondering whether to accept the responsibility of caring for him and earnestly seek objective advice from those outside the situation.

What should I do?

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