Should I get revenge on the one who betrayed my love

By Phuong   March 11, 2023 | 04:50 pm PT
I have been dating a man that I was friend with a long time ago. When we met again, I found he was a more handsome and successful, and I started to fall for him.

We started to have a romantic relationship. He always made me feel warm and happy when we were together. He always seemed nice and hard-working. There was no sign that he was seeing another woman.

When I went to his house on the holidays and other special days, there was no sign of other women in his place. However, last week when we were together another woman called him.

I tried to find out who she was. The woman texted me. I was quite shocked, and so immediately took time off from work to go to his place to ask who she really is.

He texted me to apologize and begged me to forgive him. He told me that he has been seeing her for more than a year, that she is educated, 18 years younger than me, and also from northern Vietnam, just like him.

I am the same age as him, mature, and have a business. I guess he just wanted to take advantage of my money. Perhaps he does not favor me since our hometowns are far away, and he met me after he met that woman.

I took a screenshot of his phone and other evidence, and then I broke up with him. I was actually relieved to find out the truth.

I am planning to tell his colleagues and family about his romantic affairs so he loses credibility.

Should I do that?

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