Should I break up with my fiancé so he has a chance of being a father?

By Phuong   March 1, 2023 | 06:51 pm PT
I’m 29 and I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year now. Both our families are preparing to meet to plan our future together.

Recently, I got a medical check-up and it turned out that I was unable to conceive a child naturally. I’m extremely confused and devastated.

I talked to my fiancé and he said that he will stay by my side. However,I know that the process of trying to have a baby will be very difficult, exhausting and expensive, and the success rate will only be 50%.

I really love my fiancé and want to build a family with him, but at the same time, I feel guilty for not being able to give him a child of my own.

I’m saving money for an IVF but I don’t have enough to have the procedure done right away. My doctor advised me to do it as soon as possible because my ovary can run out of eggs anytime now.

I don’t want my fiancé to chip in either because he doesn’t have a high salary, and this situation is not his fault. He has already sacrificed so much by agreeing to marry me.

I don’t know whether to break up or stay with him. I hope others can give me advice.

Sincere thanks.

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