Should I ask my boyfriend to share dating expenses?

By Duyen Ha   September 7, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
My boyfriend borrowed VND300,000 (around $13) from me to repair his motorcycle, but he has never ever mentioned paying me back.

We started dating five months ago. He always paid for us when we hung out at the beginning of our relationship. There was one time when I secretly paid and when he knew about that, he said he could pay our dating expenses and I should keep my money for myself.

But he recently started to tell me that he forgot his wallet at home on our dates. He often asks me to pay for our bills on days like that and says he will transfer it back to me when he got home. However, he has never done that.

He sometimes transfers a few hundred thousand dong to me before we go out and lets me pay for the extra with my own money in case the bill exceeds the amount he gives me beforehand.

I know that he is suffering from late payment from his company and he is having to do a part-time job after his office hours to cover his expenses, but I still think about this a lot.

I don’t mind sharing dating expenses with the one I love, but I do wonder if he is my Mr. Right when he behaves like this.

What do you think?

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