Rich man in Vietnam or US?

By Hoa   November 18, 2022 | 12:38 am PT
I'm an overseas student about to graduate from a university in the U.S., but have to return to Vietnam because of my visa. I also have a boyfriend who’s eight years older waiting for me at home.

My boyfriend is in charge of his family business. He's mature and thoughtful, but he is a lady’s man. Many girls want him because he’s rich. He wanted to marry me, and I believe it was because we haven’t had sex until now.

When I was still in Vietnam, he used to take me to fancy restaurants on a date and take me home to meet his parents. If I marry him, I may not have to worry about money, but I'm afraid he'll betray me. He has never let me take a look at his phone.

He told me that I don’t need to find a job when I return to Vietnam because he’ll give me money monthly. His mother wants him to get married so that he can settle down. I'm not really happy while I'm with him. I only go out with him when he picks me up in a car but refused to go when he rides a motorbike. I think I only like him for his family wealth but not his personality. He looks normal, is a little taller than me but not a well-dressed man.

In the U.S., I was pursued by an American of German origin. He is charming, attractive and has a handsome face with a model-like appearance. Recently, he received his master's degree but hasn’t gotten a stable job. He is very sincere with me and didn’t hide anything from me as I can go through his phone.

Even though his family is well-off, he still has to make his own money by going to work. His parents' net worth is about $10 million. He has an older sister but she only dates women.

If I have a child with him, that will be their only grandchild. Being with him makes me happy because we are a well-matched couple, sharing the same interests like fine dining and traveling without limit. He gave me the freedom to do whatever I like. He said he’ll make sure that I can stay in the U.S. and I can bring my parents there if I like.

Should I stay in the US or return to Vietnam? Let me know your opinions about this.

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