Poor sexual health complicates marriage

By Quy   November 18, 2022 | 02:32 pm PT
I am 30 years old and own a business. My sexual health is not good - something a doctor implied to me when I was little.

My ex-girlfriend told me it was not a problem since I can use tools for support. I got prescribed medicine to use every time I had sex. With the medication, my sex life improved. However, the medicine's impact got weaker overtime, so I had to change to another type, plus it also causes slightly uncomfortable side effects.

Later, for some reason, my ex-girlfriend and I broke up, and I later met someone else. She is quite traditional and opposes having relations before marriage. Since I won't get the chance to test our sexual compatibility or determine whether the relationship will be problematic if the drug stops working, I'm not sure if I should stay in it. I intend to get married the following year if we do decide to stay together.

Business in the past few years has been favorable, so I have savedVND600 million(24,186 $), with the intention of using some of it for In Vitro Fertilization (when I last saw the doctor, my sperm count was low), and the remainder for my future marriage.

I would like to ask readers, especially those who are in the same situation and who have experience in married life: Can I manage my marriage if my sexual health is not so good?

Thank you.

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