My wife seeks divorce after eight years of marriage

By Xuan Thanh   February 28, 2024 | 03:24 pm PT
After eight years of marriage, my wife has expressed a desire for a divorce, a situation I suspect stems from my negligence towards her needs.

We are both 35 years old and parents to two children

At the onset of our marriage, I was employed in the computer repair industry, earning a monthly income of VND5 million (US$203). I ventured into opening my own business four years ago, a journey fraught with challenges but supported steadfastly by my wife.

Since establishing my shop, I have contributed VND3-5 million monthly to our family’s expenses, with the balance being directed to my savings. Our household expenditures range between VND12-15 million a month, managed entirely by my wife.

My wife, an accountant, earns over VND20 million monthly. She diligently balances her professional responsibilities with household chores, ensuring our children are well-cared for and our home remains orderly and welcoming. Despite her busy schedule, she finds time to cook daily, maintain our social ties, and wakes up early to accomplish these tasks.

In contrast, my contributions have been limited to my work, neglecting household chores and the care of our children. Acknowledging my shortcomings, I realize my lack of involvement and appreciation for my wife. I have never once purchased her a gift or even remembered her birthday. When my wife purchases gifts for my mother on special occasions, I reciprocate by buying gifts for my mother as well, yet I neglect to do the same for my wife.

Additionally, I fail to provide care for my wife when she is unwell, and I’ve been oblivious to her attempts at communication. I also have strictly divided our finances, even to the extent of requesting reimbursement for shared expenses such as our children’s necessities from her.

Following my wife’s request for a divorce, I’ve attempted to engage more with our children, though they show a clear preference for their mother due to my previous lack of involvement. This realization has left me in anguish, seeking ways to repair our relationship, yet facing silence from my wife. I am at a loss on how to proceed.

What should I do now?

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