My wife had sex with another man after I sent text to co-worker

By Huynh   January 28, 2023 | 04:09 pm PT
My wife and I have been married for five years. Recently, she found some sexual texts that I sent to a woman at work.

She got angry and wanted to break up with me. I strongly reasoned with her and so she calmed down. But she doesn't seem to have completely forgiven me.

Recently, I got home from work one day and I didn’t eat much of what she cooked for me. She got angry, said lots of hurtful words, and mentioned what I did was wrong. She even left home for two days.

When we were dating, my family did not approve of this, but I chose her despite their opposition. Because of her, I betrayed my filial piety. Yet now she left home and had sex with another man. I never did anything terribly wrong to her.

I did send that woman some sexual texts, but I did not have sex with her, even though she wanted me to. I give my wife all my salary.

I know I was wrong for sending sexual texts to another woman, but I never crossed the line. How serious was my mistake compared to hers? Should I continue to stay with my wife?

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