My parents borrowed money from me but can’t pay me back

By Hanh Ngan   April 4, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
My parents are under the impression that children have a duty to pay their parents back for everything they have done for them.

They have two children. I am the elder child with a sister that is 9 years younger. After I started working, I regularly sent money to my parents.

After getting married and having children, I still sent my mother money every month and also funded my sister’s education. My mother borrowed money from me many times before, but not once did she pay me back.

My sister has since graduated and started working, but she refuses to give our parents a single penny because she says she doesn't make much.

She later moved out, saying she spends her salary on her living expenses. My parents are still in a lot of debt because of my sister’s tuition.

Now everytime a creditor asks for their money back, my parents come begging me for money.

I know that they are incapable of paying me back but I can’t bring myself to refuse them, even though I still have a lot of expenses and bank loans to pay off myself.

What should I do?

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