My mother-in-law asks me to give her gifts we received at our wedding

By Hoai   January 22, 2023 | 02:57 pm PT
I have been married for two months. My husband's family is in Saigon and my family is in Ben Tre. My husband's parents are not retired yet.

I got to know my husband when I was working as a receptionist in a hotel. We date for a year before getting marriage. His family background is quite simple. His relatives are mainly office workers. They live quite close to each other and support each other. I feel happy about that sense of support.

He is very caring and loving towards me. Our wedding was elaborately organized in my hometown. I felt both proud and happy. After the wedding, I came to live with his family in his hometown. His house is a three-floor one. Most people in the family have their own personal spaces for daily activities.

They even have a house helper. After the wedding, my husband helped to land me a job as a receptionist in a media company. His family is very loving towards me.

The problem happened three days after the wedding. My mother-in-law asked me to give me the list of the people from her office who attended the wedding so she will know whose weddings she should attend in the future. I was not aware of such a list since I was so exhausted at the wedding.

My husband and husband's sister took care of that. I only know that after paying all the expenses, we had VND150 million ($6,399) left over.

My mother-in-law was not happy that I was not aware of such details. She told me that I should give her the gold people gave us in the wedding so she can keep it in a mini-safe in her home, which would be safer. I wasn't happy with that but I didn't say anything. I only thought the money people gave us at our wedding is our possession.

Am I right to feel this way? I look forward to your advice, dear readers.

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