My in-laws constantly ask to borrow money from us

By Thu Hang   September 13, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
My mother-in-law borrowed money from my husband and me many times, including the amount we were about to spend on in-vitro fertility (IVF) treatment.

I got married five years ago aged 30 through matchmaking. My husband and I live away from each other and he visits me once a week, and sometimes once every two weeks.

I have been paying the living expenses of my husband’s grandfather over the past five years, and I was forced to financially invest in my in-laws’ business as well.

My husband has borrowed money from me many times for his own and his friends’ needs, but he has never paid back a cent. All of the gold taels given to me as gifts on our wedding day were also taken back by my parents-in-law, as they said they were in debt.

My in-laws were a well-off family until two years ago, as they owned two vehicle-repairing garages and operated some other businesses. I do not know what happened exactly, but they lost their garages and got into debt after that.

They forced my husband and I to buy their used car and have borrowed money from us many times ever since. They told me children should be grateful to their parents, and thus my husband and I should show our gratitude.

My husband and I planned to do an IVF treatment, but my mother-in-law borrowed all the money we saved to spend on that. She complained about me recently, and all of the family showed signs of ignoring the money they had previously borrowed from us as well.

I feel hopeless about my future. The house we live in and two land lots we own are all registered in my husband’s name, so even if I get divorced, it will be hard for me to take any assets.

What should I do?

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