My girlfriend wants us to live apart even after we are married

By Thanh Hung   May 23, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
My girlfriend and I work for the same company. After a year of dating, we have decided to get married at the end of this year. We’re both living separately with our parents.

Recently, she’s been reading articles about marriage and family and suddenly decided she does not want to live with my family or move in with me after our wedding. She wants both of us to continue living with our parents

I asked her how she came up with such a weird idea. She said she read that married couples who live together long enough will eventually get sick of each other, leading to fighting and cheating.

According to her, it would be better to live as if we’re still dating, as the less we meet, the more we would love each other.

We could still meet up about two or three times a week, and when we’re sick, the other could stay to help and return home after everything is done.

By doing this, we wouldn’t have to worry about buying a new home or family conflicts, and still be able to care for our parents. Having our own space and not being constantly monitored by each other would make us a happier couple.

I was flabbergasted by her words. I have never seen any couples do this before.

Can such a way of living as a couple exist? Is it true that marriage could be better this way?

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