My foreign boyfriend always asks me to go Dutch

By An   November 10, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
I always have to share dating expenses with my foreign boyfriend who does not allow us to have any meal that costs more than VND500,000 ($21), even on anniversaries.

I’m 32, and my boyfriend is 37. He has lived in Vietnam for 15 years, is fluent in Vietnamese, and is working as a teacher at a kindergarten.

He made it clear with me since our first date that he wanted us to equally share our dating expenses. I didn’t mind it since I believed sharing was "civilized," but I have started doubting that as he still insists on going Dutch even after six months of dating.

He sometimes pays for me on our special celebrations and anniversaries, however, he stated that we are not allowed to spend more than VND500,000 for a date.

He has never given me anything on my birthday either, as he said having a meal together is already enough of a celebration for a birthday now that we are in our 30s already.

I do not think I am a materialistic woman, and this is the only problem I have with him in our relationship. Still, looking at how my friends’ boyfriends treat them makes me pity myself sometimes.

Should I ignore this and keep my relationship with him? Or should I give up and find someone who can treat me the way I want?

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