I was surprised not to receive invitation to my Japanese colleague’s wedding

By atatakai mashou   January 18, 2024 | 03:14 pm PT
We see each other every day, but my Japanese colleague only informed me “I’m getting married next month” without extending an invite to the ceremony.

I do not know about other people in other countries, but I experienced a culture shock in Japan as it is not customary to invite colleagues to weddings, unlike in Vietnam where even some random connections of a "social butterfly" mother might be invited.

As far as I know, Japanese weddings, typically hosting a few dozen to less than 100 guests, are reserved for those closest to the couple, leading to warm, intimate celebrations focused more on enjoyment than obligation. Only very grand weddings have more than 100 guests attended.

In contrast, Vietnamese weddings often feel overwhelming, with hundreds of guests, including many the bride and the groom rarely interact with.

I understand that each country has its own cultural characteristics, and I respect that. But it is very difficult for couples in Vietnam to take genuine care of every guest when there are hundreds of people attending their wedding. How can there be sincerity and time to take care of that many people?

This approach makes me feel like Vietnamese people have "commercialized weddings."

What are your thoughts on this cultural difference?

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