I want to divorce my husband because he is poor

By Ngoc My   November 15, 2023 | 05:27 pm PT
We got married three years ago and have not had any kids since our financial ability does not allow it.

I am 28, and my husband is 35. He owned a small electronic shop when we started dating but had to close it afterwards since he could not compete with other bigger competitors.

He has been working at a logistics company since then, which, in my opinion, gives him no chance to advance further in his career path. He also works as a rider for a ride-hailing app after his office hours until 1-2 a.m.

However, his total monthly income ranges only between VND18-20 million (US$738-$820).

I am an office worker with a monthly salary of VND10 million. I tried launching an online business but failed. Our current incomes are just enough to cover our expenses and do not allow us to have much savings.

My husband’s mother passed away a long time ago, while his father died earlier this year, leaving him two younger siblings to take care of.

The thing is my husband’s siblings are both in their 20s. However, they seem not to have any plans to find jobs. I suggested jobs to them several times which they all turned down.

All they want to do is spend the money they inherited from my father-in-law, which is only in the tens of millions of dong and rely on the allowances my husband sometimes sends them.

I told my husband that we cannot financially support them forever and that stopping sending the allowances would be better for them. But my husband doesn’t agree. Whenever I bring it up, he asks me to be understanding, citing that they are orphans.

Given that my husband’s income has decreased recently due to the gloomy economy, I feel like I cannot put up with it anymore. He suggested that we could borrow money from others and use the 100-million-dong savings we have to buy a car, so that he could be a taxi driver for a ride-hailing app. But I do not think that is an option, given the current fierce competition among ride-hailing drivers. I do not like having debts either.

He then proposed using our savings to launch a bakery. I turned it down as well, since I thought VND100 million was not enough to launch a bakery. Not to mention that if it does not perform well, we will lose everything.

Thinking hard about how to improve our financial status every day has been exhausting me. And I do not want to carry my siblings-in-law for the rest of my life. So, I often think about getting a divorce.

On the other hand, I have to admit that my husband is a good man. He does not drink alcohol, he does not smoke, and he always shares household chores with me.

What should I do?

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