I prepare and serve every meal for my boyfriend

By Thanh Phuong   March 19, 2024 | 03:01 pm PT
My boyfriend possesses a gentle, cheerful, easy-going nature, and he doesn’t prioritize material things, yet he is utterly oblivious to participating in household chores.

He adopts a posture at the dining table with his arms folded and legs crossed, expectantly waiting like a youngster at mealtime, despite the fact that children as young as seven are nowadays educated in school about assisting their parents with tasks like dishwashing and table clearing.

There are moments when the exhaustion of visiting the market, cooking, serving, and then tidying up overwhelms me, while my boyfriend behaves as though he believes these duties fall outside the purview of what he considers to be a man’s work.

He is at a loss when faced with leftovers and I suggest he should pack them himself for lunch at work the next day. He invariably relies on me to do the packing. Without my intervention, he would resort to consuming confectionery for lunch, eliciting sympathy from his colleagues and comments about the apparent neglect from me, his girlfriend.

He reminds me of a character from an award-winning South Korean film, which portrays a parasitic husband dwelling in a basement, who relies on his wife to deliver his meals daily, all the while lacking the basic skills to care for himself or procure his own food.

However, my boyfriend does exhibit a commendable trait: he is not preoccupied with financial matters. I handle his earnings and allot him a monthly stipend for personal expenditures. Irrespective of whether I spend the money for health reasons or on other pursuits, he neither questions the expenditure nor does he probe into the monthly status of my bank account.

Should I terminate the relationship to avoid the perpetual obligation of catering to his every meal, akin to caring for an additional child?

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