I am a friend of my husband’s mistress

By Hanh   February 17, 2023 | 11:29 pm PT
I got to know my husband in college. We have a 4-year-old child together. If he hadn’t had an affair, then my family would be happy.

She was our classmate in college. Though I am a woman, I have to admit that she is attractive and interesting, especially compared to a young mother like me. I was very calm when I found out about their relationship.

Until now, I have never talked about it with my husband, nor threatened her in any way.Perhaps the reason why I could remain calm was that I was too busy trying to take care of my child and balance my work after birth, so I was not ready to face the matter.

I have to add that my husband still fulfills his obligations as a father and I am not too angry at him for having an affair.

I still maintain a friendship with her, she often comes to see me, has coffee with me on weekends, and never misses any get-togethers of our college mates.

I was a normal friend with her and only recently did I find out about their relationship, since she keeps asking about my views on affairs in our conversations. I tried to remain calm and not dive deep when she raised such matters.

I thought a lot about what I should do next since I don’t want to lose my family and don’t want to divorce my husband either.

What would happen if I expose their relationship? Honestly, I just want to maintain life as it has been in the last three years.

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