My girlfriend is ‘sexting’ her boss

By Tien Hung   May 10, 2023 | 06:00 pm PT
My girlfriend and I have been dating for more than a year. We are very compatible, both in our 40s and have stable jobs.

We have our disagreements and arguments, but we have always managed to work them out. My girlfriend is addicted to online chatting.

She chats with a huge number of people, from strangers to acquaintances, from individuals to group chats, from morning until night. I have expressed my jealousy multiple times over some of her chat partners whom she has since ceased talking to.

However, our most recent fight involved my girlfriend chatting with her boss too many times, outside of work and business hours.

I was particularly angry when she showed me a conversation between the two of them where she sent her boss a picture of a female karaoke employee in a skimpy outfit.

Then, her boss responded by sending her pictures of duck eggs with the caption: "You are what you eat."

I think that their relationship as boss and employee was highly inappropriate, and their conversation was no different from sexting. Her boss’s choice of words was also vulgar.

She explained that she only sent that picture to her boss because she thought it looked nice, and she didn’t read too much into it as I did. She also said she didn’t understand what her boss meant either.

I felt extremely conflicted about this, so now we are not talking.

Am I wrong in this situation?

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