Being pregnant abroad is stressing me out

By Thu Anh   October 6, 2023 | 09:56 pm PT
Having a weak fetus, combined with the recent relocation, has made me suffer from mental issues, which I could not even share with doctors because of the language barrier.

My husband and I moved to Canada eight months ago, and I am five months into my pregnancy. I did not know it at first, so I took antibiotics at the beginning of my pregnancy period. That, I believed, affected my fetus.

I suffered from bleeding without a clear reason two months ago. My doctor told me when I was hospitalized that my fetus was fine, but I would have to stay still and minimize moving until I delivered my child.

I have been suffering from pressures and worries about my kid being born with disabilities since then. My husband cannot help me share the burden as he leaves home for work early in the morning and only returns late at night. I do not have my parents or any relatives by my side here to talk, nor can I spend time outdoors to relieve my pressure since my house is surrounded by mountains and forests.

Thus, my mental situation is really bad.

My university major was English language teaching, and I had four years working at a primary school as a teacher. Still, I could not understand what local people were saying sometimes since I moved here, and I have been experiencing a feeling of disconnection from them.

Things are worse whenever I visit the hospital for check-ups. Neither me nor my husband, who have spent many years abroad, understand the many medical terms they use. The language barrier also prevents me from sharing my mental and emotional problems with the doctors to consult with them.

My parents cannot visit me until shortly before my expected delivery date, since they are busy with their businesses in Vietnam. I thought about temporarily moving back to Vietnam to stay with them, but that means I would have to stay away from my husband, which I don’t want either.

What should I do?

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