Mother of three loses four kilograms in a month via skipping rope

By Thao Nhi   April 18, 2024 | 05:00 pm PT
Vu Dieu Thuy engages in rope skipping whenever and wherever possible, combining it with intermittent fasting following a 16:8 schedule, a regimen that led her to lose nearly four kilograms in less than a month.

Thuy, 33, has established a reputation in the realm of personal branding for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and is celebrated as a "Hanoi hot mom" for her enchanting presence despite being a mother of three.

Noting that her current profession demands her to keep in shape, she has been garnering attention on social media platforms with her striking rope skipping videos.

Vu Dieu Thuy, 33, a mother of three. Photo courtesy of Thuy

Vu Dieu Thuy, 33, a mother of three. Photo courtesy of Thuy

Thuy shared that her weight had increased by five to six kilograms rapidly due to a hectic schedule and stress, which also hindered her ability to consistently attend the gym, even though she understood the significance of keeping fit.

"At first, I gave running a try, but I quickly found the sport somewhat tedious and hard to maintain over time," Thuy stated. "Then on a rainy day, I had the idea to buy a skipping rope, realizing that jumping indoors would be more convenient, allowing me to supervise my child and attend to household duties without having to leave."

Upon starting with rope skipping, Thuy committed herself to a 90-day rope skipping challenge, pushing herself to continue until she achieved her target of losing five kilograms. She found further inspiration in videos featuring rhythmic jump rope routines and visually appealing footwork on social media.

"I spent hours watching these videos and realized that this was the sport for me because I love to take on new challenges," she declared. "I also did some research and discovered that rope skipping is one of the most effective exercises for burning calories."

She admitted to not being cautious enough when starting, neglecting proper stretching and trying to jump excessively to lose weight quickly, which led to periods when her legs were so sore she could hardly walk.

The mother of three then began using a massage roller and emphasized warming up and stretching before each session. Eventually, her body adapted to the routine, and she no longer experienced pain.

"Driven by my enthusiasm for taking on new challenges, I aimed to learn a new jump or skill daily to improve more than the day before," she mentioned. "There were days when I tirelessly attempted new techniques without success, but I was determined not to give up."

After a month of rope skipping, Thuy has acquired various rope skipping methods, catered to different training objectives, such as combining jumping footwork with shuffle dance, freestyle jumping with music, or rope tossing.

Thuy has successfully lost weight by skipping rope. Photo courtesy of Thuy

Thuy has successfully lost weight by skipping rope. Photo courtesy of Thuy

Besides her daily rope skipping practice, Thuy adheres to a 16:8 intermittent fasting plan, eating two main meals and a snack in the afternoon. Her first meal is around 9 a.m., and her last meal is before 5 p.m., allowing sufficient time for her body to use energy and metabolize excess fat.

This approach ensures Thuy does not grow tired of her daily rope skipping routine.

"Whenever I find something interesting, I want to get my family and friends involved," Thuy remarked, commending rope skipping as an easy, affordable, and effective cardio exercise that she has embraced and continues to enjoy.

"I established a group to foster mutual encouragement for rope skipping, and it has surprisingly grown to include over 6,000 members, ranging from those under 40 to younger people."

The mother of three also mentioned that she always carries a rope in her purse. Whether she is teaching students, attending weddings, or going to award ceremonies, she takes every chance to skip rope and promote the activity among her friends.

Moreover, she appreciates that this sport has sparked her children's interest, prompting them to ask to join her, which helps them "disconnect" from electronic devices and strengthens family ties.

Thuy is now organizing an event combining rope skipping and aerobics to the music of "Viet Nam Toi Yeu" (Vietnam I Love) on April 30, celebrated as Reunification Day, to introduce this activity to an even wider audience.

Thuy performs various rope jumping skills. Video courtesy of Thuy

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