Healthy diet, exercise help woman shed 25 kg excess fat within 9 months

By My Y   March 28, 2024 | 09:00 pm PT
Faced with challenges such as uncontrolled eating habits which led to a weakened physical state, Le Nu Hoang Anh turned to clean eating and exercise as solutions to lose weight and enhance her health.

The rapid business expansion of the food production company where Anh, 27, co-founded in March keeps her constantly occupied. Observing her now - 1.6 meters tall, physically fit, and with a glowing complexion - it's hard to imagine that she once struggled with health and mental issues, leading to a withdrawn lifestyle due to sickness and being ridiculed for her looks.

Anh now enjoys better health and confidence following her weight loss success. Photo courtesy of Anh

Anh now enjoys better health and confidence following her weight loss success. Photo courtesy of Anh

During 2022, following the Covid-19 pandemic, Anh's business encountered challenging conditions. Being a co-founder, she faced substantial stress and endured what she describes as the "worst" phase of her life.

She suffered from persistent insomnia and severe hair loss, which resulted in what she termed "premature baldness." To cope, she had to consume large doses of sedatives for rest. During this period, Anh began to neglect herself, losing control over her eating habits, which led to a continuous weight gain, peaking at 83 kg.

Her excessive weight caused fatigue and labored breathing. She was plagued with stretch marks, acne, and darkened skin. A medical diagnosis revealed hormonal imbalances and grade 2 obesity, highlighting the urgency for weight reduction and lifestyle modifications for her wellbeing.

Anh managed to lose 25 kg, bringing her down to 58 kg in a span of nine months. Her waist measurement also decreased from 90 cm to 68 cm, a change she has maintained. The wardrobe that once contained size 4XL clothing now showcases her preferred size M garments. Additionally, Anh's health has seen gradual improvement, with her bodily functions now within normal parameters.

Anh prior to her weight reduction. Photo courtesy of Anh

Anh prior to her weight reduction. Photo courtesy of Anh

Below is a description of the practices Anh adopted over nine months to achieve her weight loss.

Initiating a caloric deficit

Anh opted for a caloric deficit strategy for weight reduction. Experts state that creating a caloric deficit is critical for weight loss, entailing that the calories consumed must not exceed the calories expended. Daily caloric intake includes calories from food and beverages, whereas caloric output involves metabolism, regular activities (including breathing and sleeping), and physical exercise.

As per WebMD, there are dual methods to establish a calorie deficit: altering eating habits and incorporating exercise. Employing both strategies is recommended for a safe and effective weight loss journey.

Adhering to an "eat clean" diet

Anh embarked on an "eat clean" diet, maintaining a nutritional balance of 50% protein, 20% carbohydrates, and 30% fats. This diet focuses on consuming unprocessed, natural foods to promote health, weight loss, maintain a healthy physique, and emphasize natural food consumption.

The diet's fundamental principle encourages eating whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and healthy fats. It also advises limiting fast food, processed items, sugary foods, and other packaged products.

Anh favors low-calorie foods, allowing her to eat more.

"This dietary approach is relatively simple to follow since it doesn't demand strict menu adherence," she mentioned.

Moreover, Anh includes plenty of vegetables and a sufficient amount of protein in her diet to stay satiated longer, minimizing fast-digesting starches and refined sugars. She opts for natural sweeteners like honey, stevia, or monk fruit sweetener in moderation, avoiding excessive use. For food preparation, she prefers steaming, boiling, and using an air fryer over deep-frying. Anh also makes 90% of her meals at home for better ingredient control and to suit her taste preferences.

She reserves one day each week for dining out with friends, helping her manage cravings and prevent feelings of food deprivation. This balanced approach aids her in more effective weight management.

Anhs transition from large to medium-sized clothing following her weight loss. Photo courtesy of Anh

Anh's transition from large to medium-sized clothing following her weight loss. Photo courtesy of Anh

Incorporating yoga, cardio, and resistance training

Before initiating her exercise regimen, Anh researched her body type, identifying herself as having an "inverted triangle" shape, characterized by broader shoulders and back relative to the waist and hips. This body type can lead to disproportionate body shapes upon weight gain.

Informed by this, Anh incorporated yoga and cardiovascular workouts into her routine.

Yoga merges physical postures with mental discipline, improving flexibility and preventing issues like back pain and cardiovascular diseases. Regular yoga practice offers numerous benefits for women.

Cardiovascular exercises, known as cardio, include activities like running, jumping, and other aerobic workouts that increase heart rate. These exercises are beneficial for fat loss and are popular among athletes aiming to reduce body fat. Cardio workouts often involve several muscle groups or the whole body.

Cardio exercises vary widely, from outdoor activities like running and swimming to team sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and indoor options like treadmill running, stair climbing, or using full-body workout machines.

After losing 10 kg, Anh added resistance training to her cardio routine to build strength and enhance her metabolic rate. Combining these exercise forms boosts overall fitness and metabolism.

Anh continues to adhere to a workout plan of four sessions weekly, including two focused on the glutes and thighs, one on upper body workouts, and one cardio session.

She views weight loss as a multifaceted journey, emphasizing the importance of diet, exercise, sufficient sleep, and stress management.

"I strive to sleep by 11 p.m. nightly and reduce late-night activities for my well-being," she remarked.

Anh concluded, noting her improved health has positively impacted her work and personal life thanks to her weight loss journey.

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