Da Nang villa welcomes nature with brick facade

By Minh Trang   October 24, 2020 | 02:30 am PT
A baked-brick villa in Da Nang built by a retired couple features vast swaths of open space.
On a 400-meter-square plot in a quiet neighborhood in Da nang, an old couple wanted to build a villa for their five-people family. The land gives a view to a local lake with a large surrounding garden,  so architects designed an L-shaped building with open spaced to take disadvantage of the outdoor greenery.

It is built on a 400 sq.m plot in a quiet neighborhood in the central city with a view of a lake and greenery. So architects designed an L-shaped building with open spaces so that the occupants could enjoy the views unimpeded.

The geometric and undulating roof gives the villa an outstanding look.

The geometric roof gives the villa a classy look.

The brick moucharabieh facade in creates voids that welcome natural elements like sunlight and wind.

The latticed brick facade lets in light and wind.

A closer look at the facade.

A closer look at the facade. The homeowners wanted to use local materials such as baked bricks, which were used as early as in the fourth century in Da Nang.

The living room, kitchen and dining area are interconnected on the ground floor.

The kitchen, and living and dining rooms are on the ground floor and interconnected. They are enclosed by latticed walls.

Homeowners can adjust the wind and light entering their house through glass windows.

The occupants can regulate the wind and light entering the house with glass windows.

The outer wall creates light effects on the second floor.

A corridor on the first floor.

Materials were chosen not only for their sturdiness and climate resistance, particularly bricks with their high insulation qualities. But also, their minimal and natural aesthetic, once again blending with the surrounding landscape.

The construction materials were chosen for their sturdiness, climate resistance and looks and their ability to harmonize with the surroundings.

Photos by Hiroyuki Oki

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