VnExpress hosts virtual education exhibition

By May Pham    August 9, 2021 | 01:40 am PT
Launched on Aug. 8, VnExpress's online education exhibition provides information on enrollment in multiple majors, including webinars and booths operated by universities and colleges.

The online Education Fair 2021 is the first virtual education event organized by VnExpress, aiming to create a space for participants to gain information, interact, transact or receive advice similar to an offline event.

Education is one of the industries to have witnessed the greatest changes amid Covid-19. Apart from the online transition in teaching, testing, and assessment, consulting and enrollment activities have also gone virtual.

The online exhibition aims to enhance the effectiveness of research, reference, and college orientation after high school, with three main parts: news, themed webinars and booths for universities, colleges, international affiliates, and vocational institutions. Students and parents can access information from various training units on one platform.

Triển lãm cung cấp thông tin, hội thảo trực tuyến về ngành, tuyển sinh... và nhiều gian hàng cho các trường đại học, cao đẳng.

VnExpress's online education exhibition provides information on enrollment, with various webinars and booths operated by universities and colleges.

The Covid-19 breakout occurred at the start of school enrollment. An effective solution for both educational units and students and their parents is to conduct research and register for online consultations through online booths. Schools can now easily update information for target audiences. Parents and students have their own private engagement space via an open platform.

Visitors will receive instant and comprehensive information with the support of AI (artificial intelligence). Features and activities in the online exhibition as well as booths are updated periodically. Students and parents can register at the most opportune time to access activities depending on their individual needs.

Nền tảng mang đến không gian tương tác đa chiều giữa nhà trường, học sinh, phụ huynh,,,

The online education exhibition connects students, parents and education units.

The exhibition offers exclusive discounts and useful features. Professional education and training units register here. Booths will be on sale for seven to 10 days after organizers receive registration and completed information.

In addition, the exhibition with host a number of webinars exploring educational aspects like studying abroad, earning an international degree in the context of Covid-19, "learning from home"; new enrollment trends, careers, and training.

The workshop within the framework of this exhibition will include a series of one-to-one talks with experts in the field of training, affording students and parents a comprehensive and objective view prior to important decisions.

With both a national and international scale, Online Education Fair 2021 will offer many career options and educational solutions for students with the desire to enter university in Vietnam or abroad in the context of Covid-19.

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