Vietnamese fashionistas defy the weather with steaming hot show

By VnExpress   April 26, 2017 | 12:10 am PT
On the hottest days of summer, many have put on what critics call hibernation suits, with boots and fur coats.

The Vietnam International Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in the country, opened in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday.

Many have joined the street style section of the show with their favorite outfits, which may not always go well with summer temperatures of 35 degrees Celsisus and more.


Fashion lovers show up for a street style parade at Vietnam International Fashion Week.


Some believe long coats are the perfect street style.


These two brought a mini fan to help with their layers of clothes.


A woman carrying a fur coat - maybe not the best choice in this weather.


A suit inspired by a factory worker's overalls.

But there are also outfits that breathe the summer air.

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