Vietnam withdraws five war era songs pending review

By Vi Thanh   March 11, 2017 | 10:05 pm PT
Vietnam withdraws five war era songs pending review
The five songs remain popular in Vietnamese communities overseas. 

Vietnam's Agency for the Performing Arts has banned performances of five war-era songs pending a government review.

Nguyen Thu Dong, the manager of the agency's records department, identified the songs as Canh thiep dau xuan (Early spring greeting card) by Le Dinh and Minh Ky, Rung xua (Old forest) and Chuyen buon ngay xuan (Sad spring day) by Lam Phuong, Dung goi anh bang chu (Don't call me uncle), and Con duong xua em di (The old road you took) by Chau Ky and Ho Dinh Phuong.

Last December, Ho Chi Minh City's cultural affairs department called on the Agency for the Performing Arts to review the songs. 

Dong claimed they have multiple versions, authors and incorrect lyrics. Dung goi anh bang chu (Don't call me uncle), for example, is often incorrectly credited to Dien An, Dong said without identifying the actual author. 

The agency will review all the previously approved lyrics and compare them with their original lyrics.

The five songs in question are not being scrutinized for their content, Dong claimed before adding that once they are approved, they will be reissued. 

Vietnamese law requires a government review and approval process for the performance or circulation of any song written before 1945 (when Vietnam gained independence from the French) or before 1954 (in occupied areas) and before 1975 (in the Republic of Vietnam). 

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