Twins with two different fathers

By Kim Thuy   March 4, 2016 | 04:29 am PT
A woman in the northern province of Hoa Binh gave birth to twin daughters with different fathers. The phenomenon is very rare with only ten cases ever reported worldwide, Vietnam’s Genetics Association President Le Dinh Luong said.

The truth only unfolded when his family forced him to have the children DNA tested

"The father himself did not want to take the test. But his family insisted on this as they noticed that the twin girls were so different from each other. One of the twins has thick curly hair while the other has thin hair," Nguyen Thi Nga, director of Ha Noi-based center for DNA Analysis and Genetic Technologies said.

However, the father refused to believe that his wife had had an affair

He thought of a possibility that he took the wrong child from the hospital when his wife gave birth.

He asked his wife to take the same test and the result showed that she was the mother of the twin daughters.

"The father treated his wife gently and took good care of her while she was doing the DNA test, while she silently followed the instructions of doctors," Nga said.

"The result were quite a shock to him. He did not say a word and simply left the hospital."

This phenomenon, known as "heteropaternal superfecundation", occurs when a female has sex with two male partners when she is fertile. The woman ovulates two eggs and both get fertilized by the two different fathers. This must happen in less than a week as sperm are only viable for about five days.

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