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Stuck at home, celebs rediscover luxuries of simple living

By Van An   September 4, 2021 | 05:05 pm PT
Confined to their homes by the pandemic, several Vietnamese celebrities are using the respite from a hectic schedule to cook, meditate, read and simply spend time with their families.

Every morning, model Cao Thien Trang meditates and practices breathing exercises after drinking a glass of warm water with lime juice at 6 a.m. Then she says her prayers and finishes breakfast. All this done by 9 a.m., she has picked up the habit of reading books on a variety of topics including culture and economics.

Trang said she was surprised at the transformation she is experiencing. During previous Covid waves, she was confused and frustrated about not going to work.

"But now, I see my life turning to a new page, slowly and gently. I am no longer a hot-tempered, instinctive, impulsive person like I used to be."

Several other Vietnamese celebrities are also reporting transformative lifestyle changes as a result of prolonged indoor confinement.

Thuy Dung spends time drawing to help her stay optimistic during social distancing period. Photo courtesy of Dung

Thuy Dung, second runner-up of Miss Vietnam 2016 contest, spends time drawing to help her stay optimistic during social distancing period. Photo courtesy of Dung

Thuy Dung, second runner-up of Miss Vietnam 2016 contest, has taken to reading, practicing piano and drawing. She has restricted her phone usage and is feeling better for it. Drawing helps her find peace amidst the turmoil caused by the epidemic, Dung said.

"Instead of feeling down, I cherish the time and give myself the opportunity to rest and exercise."

Something’s cooking

Supermodel Thanh Hang said that in June, she had the opportunity to ride her bicycle again after 20 years. Since the city imposed more stringent social distancing measures, she has switched to reading books online with her friends every afternoon and doing some embroidery and cooking.

In fact, many models, actors and singers have been going to the kitchen to make nutritious meals for their families and sharing recipes online with their fans.

Several female celebrities have openly adopted a simple and thrifty lifestyle, selling their expensive clothing and accessories and donating proceeds to the anti-epidemic fund.

Several celebs have said they are thoroughly enjoying just spending more time with their families, something they could not do with their hectic showbiz schedules.

Singer Toc Tien cooks up many dishes to enjoy with her husband while staying put at home. Photo courtesy of Tien

Singer Toc Tien has been cooking many dishes to enjoy with her husband while staying put at home. Photo courtesy of Tien

Before departing for South Korea on the morning of August 20 to compete in the Running Man TV program, actress Lan Ngoc spent time playing around and taking photos with her nieces and nephews.

Singer Trinh Thang Binh said that after many years, he now has time to talk with his mother every night and eat the dishes she cooks.

Singer Ly Hai and Minh Ha, his wife, and their children have chosen to stay at their farm in Central Highlands town of Da Lat for the past two months. Hai said he and his wife are teaching the children to raise chickens, take care of the garden and harvest vegetables.

"I hope they get a lot of fun childhood experiences instead of spending time solely on electronic equipment," he said.

H'Hen Nie, model and a beauty pageant title holder, said that on days when she does volunteer work, she will go to bed around 9 p.m., a habit she had before becoming famous, but could not sustain.

As a host for many game shows and events, Dung would get home really late at night. So, whenever she had a day off, she would sleep in until noon. But during the pandemic imposed stay at home order, she has got into the habit of getting up early to catch the sun. She feels this has been very good for both her body and her mind, improving her mood considerably.

Actor Quang Trung said he always tries to get up early even though he stays up late. After feeding his fish, he goes to the balcony to sunbathe and read a book for 30 minutes. He has set up a schedule for the day and strictly adheres to it. He said self-discipline will prevent the body and mind from becoming passive and lazy.

Actress Thuy Anh said changing her biological clock was a big challenge initially because she was used to erratic eating and sleeping schedules. She said that in the past, she often "plowed" through movies at night, slept at dawn and woke up late feeling tired and sluggish. These days, she goes to bed before midnight and wakes up at 8-9 a.m. to practice yoga or practice boxing.

"I live a healthier life partly thanks to learning from my colleagues. I will maintain this routine even when the social distancing order is over."

Vietnam has recorded 506,913 Covid cases in the ongoing wave starting April 27, and major cities plan to continue restrictions in high-risk areas.

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