Life slowly returns to normal in Mekong Delta province

By Ngoc Tai   October 3, 2021 | 11:23 pm PT
Plastic barriers and homemade conveyor belts at market stalls and other shops mark a return to normalcy in the southern Dong Thap Province.
From October 1, Dong Thap eased social distancing in the whole province down to Directive 15. Pham Huu Lau route, the main road from the center of Cao Lanh city to suburban wards and communes, has been empty since the quarantine date. society under Directive 16 on July 15, is now busier than before.In the new normal life from October 1, people in Dong Thap can travel within the district and town with a guarantee of 5K and cannot gather more than 10 people. Employees who receive 1 dose of vaccine (at least after 10 days) are allowed to travel within the province.In the last 14 days, the number of Covid-19 cases in the province has decreased sharply, there are days without community cases. On October 2, Dong Thap detected 6 cases, bringing the total number of cases to 8,261. The number of infections in this province is the third highest in the West and sixth in the country.

Dong Thap started easing restrictions on Oct. 1, and traffic has slowly returned to Pham Huu Lau Street, the main road leading out from the capital Cao Lanh.
People can travel within districts, but have to comply with safety measures like not gathering in groups of more than 10. Those who have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine can travel all over the province.
In the last two weeks the province has seen the number of Covid cases decrease sharply, even having days when there were none. On Sunday there were 35 cases, which took the total number so far to 8,296. The number is the third highest in any province or city in the Mekong Delta and sixth highest in the country.

Many traditional markets in Cao Lanh city are brought to the street to ensure the distance between stalls. Small traders and customers are separated by mica, trading does not contact each other.

Traditional markets in Cao Lanh sent some of their stalls to the street outside to ensure social distancing between vendors.
Traders put up plastic sheets to separate them from customers.

New Hoa An Market on Vanh Dai Street for people in Hoa Thuan Ward and Hoa An Commune to buy and sell. There are 8 to 10 stalls every day, small traders will take turns selling on even and odd days. The market sells from early morning to 9am and there are always staff of the market management board reminding people to go to the market to do 5K.

The new Hoa An market has been set up on Vanh Dai Street. There are eight to 10 stalls every day and traders take turns selling on even and odd days. The market is open from early morning to 9 a.m., and there are always personnel from the market management to remind people to keep a safe distance.

Hong Ngoc bakery in Cao Lanh city is back on sale. The shop uses nylon sheets and homemade sales conveyor belts to separate from customers.

Hong Ngoc Bakery in Cao Lanh Town uses plastic sheets and homemade conveyor belts on reopening day.

At the grocery store on Le Loi Street, Ward 1, the shop owner has created a way to deliver goods to customers without contact by a zipper system.

At a grocery store on Le Loi Street, the shop owner has created a zipper system to hand over goods to customers.

Customer transaction office, Dong Thap province Post Office surrounds the staff area with a large nylon sheet to avoid contact with customers.

A post office has put up large plastic sheets around the counter.

At Muong Lon Ferry Terminal connecting Hong Ngu district and Hong Ngu city, the way to pay fares is also more special than before.

A woman sells tickets for the Muong Lon ferry between Hong Ngu District and Hong Ngu Town while maintaining social distance.

After receiving the money, the staff will perform an additional step of spraying disinfectant before adding them to the deposit.

After receiving the money, she disinfects it.

On many routes, mobile medical stations often appear to support those who need urgent medical examination. The vehicle is also responsible for taking mobile samples to solve hot cases.

On many routes, mobile medical stations assist those who need urgent medical examination.

Ms. Phuong Linh, teacher at Kim Hong Secondary School, Cao Lanh city during an online math class. Although she teaches at home, she still wears the same Ao Dai as when in class and together with her students overcome obstacles, gradually adapting to the new normal life.Students of all levels (except for grades 1, 2, 3, 4) in Dong Thap learned online on September 6. Up to now, the province has not set a specific time to focus on studying.

Phuong Linh, a teacher at the Kim Hong Secondary School in Cao Lanh, teaches an online math class.
Despite working from home, she is formally attired in an ao dai.
Students in all grades, except first to fourth, have been taking online classes since Sept. 6. The province has not said when students will return to school.

A group of porters in Long Thuan commune, Hong Ngu district gave one dose of the vaccine and went to the fields to harvest rice.

A group of farmers in Hong Ngu District who have received one dose of a Covid vaccine harvest rice.

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