Hanoi corner house plethora of greenery

By Minh Trang   November 16, 2020 | 01:48 am PT
A suburban dwelling in Hanoi feeds the imagination with its curved, dynamically lit design, offering its inhabitants an escape from the urban grind.
On a 60-sq-meter plot in Hanois Long Bien District, a four-member family built a house with the idea that they would have a large common space like a library to have more common activities and interaction.

On a 60-sq-meter plot in Hanoi's Long Bien District, a four-member family designed themselves a home to blunt the ragged edge of urban living, prioritizing well-lit common areas that boost interaction.

The house has three floors, and the common space is placed on the second one. A void on the second floor with a circle on the top boosts air ventilation and makes the house filled with natural light.

The house has three floors, with the largest common space situated on the second, illuminated by an intrinsically crafted cast-iron covered skylight and radius windows that in parts resemble the portholes of a ship, indicative of being on a voyage or an exploration.

The book cabinet and furniture are placed along with the circulation, so residents can choose their space to work, study or read the favorite books.

Circularized interior design juxtaposes the angular landscape lurking outside.

Bedrooms on the second floor face the void, so they can have natural light during the day.

Bedrooms with inward facing windows add to the notion of inclusivity.

A look at the childrens room.

A peak inside the children's library.

The void connects three floors, evoking interactive communication inside the house.

Diagonals and curves lend dynamic and flow to the minimalist yet warm interior.

Glass windows and oval-shape holes in the wall allow natural light to penetrate.

Windows that lead the eye outward, increasing perspective while assuring privacy.

Greenery comes out from the balcony and the rooftop garden makes the house look lively.

Plenty of greenery serves to animate the exterior, lending the family home a natural pulse.

Holes and windows make an impressive lighting effect in the evening.

In the evening, the abode resembles a vessel floating out at sea.

Photos by Trieu Chien

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