Pigs on a roof! Five ways for urbanites to survive dirty food apocalypse in Vietnam

By Pham Van, Kim ThuyMay 12, 2016 | 09:03 pm PT
Vietnam urbanites are taking the food safety problem into their own hands with such creativity that even Apple should take notes. 

1. Rooftop farming

Rooftop view is now reserved for pigs and chicks as happy animals are known to make good meat. 



2. Skytrain above, plantation beneath

Sky high land prices in Hanoi have pushed its people to top notch innovation: intercropping veggies with a sky-train construction. 



3. Office workers turn into food vendors  

Multitasking at its finest: the workplace is now also a food market for mums and dads to exchange food goodies. After all, colleagues seem more trustworthy than a random street vendor while everyone with a private garden can cash in extra profits. Freshness is guaranteed as the officers have a crowd-funded fridge. Some have even gone an extra mile by setting up a Facebook shop for their office. 


Fresh prawns shipped by a trusted co-worker


Homemade sugar-coated snacks made by an office worker.

4. Urbanites turn to countryside brothers and sisters for clean food

Many pregnant women give their parents back home a special mission: to find safe food from trusted sources in the village. Retirement will never be the same anymore.


5. Organic fever strikes hard

As organic is becoming the new trend in town, forgers have been quick to flood the cities with fakes. It takes trial and error to become a sommelier of organic food. 


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