Investing in English proficiency a strategy post-Covid

By Phong Van    May 13, 2022 | 01:00 am PT
Businesses are focusing on investing in training, fostering, and developing human resources on the road to recovery in the new normal.

Vietnam’s recovery after the pandemic is opening up favorable conditions and opportunities for economic progress, thus, creating momentum for businesses to thrive and expand internationally.

However, for Vietnamese enterprises to fully flourish and unleash their potential for growth for a wider market overseas, they need to be prepared and well-equipped with fool-proof strategies and financial plans, as well as highly skilled human resources that can quickly integrate into new business landscapes.

"In the new normal, each business will select the appropriate form of development. It can range from external recruitment to reskilling or upskilling internal resources to achieve business performance or transformation. Apparently, it is advisable to identify the common skillset among employees. This not only helps uniform the skill level of employees but also helps businesses position their competitiveness in the market, thereby having the best preparation throughout the development roadmap. " said Nguyen Thi An Ha, Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnership Management, Talentnet Corporation.

The ELSA app helps users foster their English language skill. Photo courtesy of ELSA

The ELSA app helps users foster their English language skill. Photo courtesy of ELSA

Upgrading professional knowledge and skills also includes elevating English proficiency in the workforce. Good English communication skills are a prerequisite for international integration strategies of businesses. Globalization, or the unification of countries around the world, has put forth economic and social trends that, most often than not, can only be deciphered in English. For Vietnamese companies to fully convey their missions and goals to their international markets, stakeholders and partners, communicating in a language that everyone understands is imperative.

With a mission to help businesses overcome language barriers and push Vietnam toward a stronger, more prosperous, and developed post-pandemic economy, ELSA launched the English training program called "Empower the Workforce of Tomorrow", aiming to assist enterprises in Vietnam in upskilling their workforce after the pandemic, as well as contribute to Vietnam's rapid and continuous economic development.

Business organizations that have successfully registered for the "Empower the Workforce of Tomorrow" program will be given up to 100 accounts for their employees for free, which will be valid for 30 days from activation. Business organizations with the most outstanding results will get 100 free six-month ELSA Pro accounts, ELSA Dashboard accounts, get featured in ELSA Case Study and a PR article on all ELSA media channels.

Companies participating in the program will have the opportunity to improve their employees' English skills in accordance with the specific needs and demands of the industry they belong to: hospitality, banking and finance, IT and consulting, services, and education.

In addition, the well-designed learning path, which follows international standards, will help employees improve their learning quality and soon achieve their desired outcomes. Training progress and assessment test results can be tracked with real-time analytics on ELSA dashboard.

Michael Ngo, Country Director of ELSA Vietnam. Photo courtesy of ELSA

Michael Ngo, country director of ELSA Vietnam. Photo courtesy of ELSA

Michael Ngo, country director of ELSA Vietnam, says: "We are not in the business of learning English, but of changing lives, one learner at a time. Now that we've expanded our program to businesses, it's our goal to empower the new generation workforce in Vietnam to engage more effectively. At ELSA, we believe that empowering the workforce today will ensure a better Vietnam tomorrow."

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an English pronunciation app that uses AI-powered speech-recognition technology to evaluate and give feedback on your English pronunciation and fluency with 95 percent accuracy. ELSA is trusted by many global brands and has over 40 million downloads with more than 270 million completed lessons.

Businesses might register at this link. Registration is open until May 18.

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