Indian artist donates paintings to support Vietnamese pediatric patients

By Hoai Phuong   October 19, 2021 | 12:00 am PT
Three paintings by artist with Down syndrome Karishma Kannan will be auctioned to support cancer patients and disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

Indian artist Karishma Kannan, 30, sent three paintings to Vietnam for the contest "For a Triumphant Vietnam" as an encouragement for children in hospitals. Karishma's three paintings, acrylic on canvas, represent her free spirit and love for life.

Through her paintings, the artist hopes to spread positive energy to help children overcome all challenges and difficulties and head towards a better future. She said: "I am very happy that the contest 'For a Triumphant Vietnam' has created the chance for me to do this meaningful work. I hope my paintings can help children in Vietnam have more energy and head towards a brighter future."

Karishmas painting Twilight

Kannan's painting "Twilight" was inspired by the sunset in her homeland.

Starting to paint more than 10 years ago, nature is her main inspiration. In three paintings dedicated to Vietnamese children, Kannan recreates the image of nature through her bright and colorful lens.

Kannan's painting "Twilight" was inspired by the sunset in her homeland. The artist said the scene of the sunset always moves her. The work uses warm colors, depicting the sunset on the lake that evokes a feeling of peace and calm.

The second painting, "Bloom Time", is filled with a bright blue sky, adorned with the orange-red color of Palash flowers, commonly found in northern and central India. When moving from Chennai to Bangalore, Kanna often walks with her mother along streets filled with the red color of this flower. She said: "I see them every day and often talk with my mother about the beauty of Palash flowers. Flowers help me feel more loved and lighter. I painted "Bloom Time" from my love for colorful flowers."

The painting Bloom Time is filled with bright blue.

The painting "Bloom Time" is filled with bright blue.

The last painting Kannan donated to the program is "A memory of a Waterfall in the Rainforest". As a nature lover, the artist synchronized the sound of flowing water with that of the forest wind to create a symphony for the soul to heal.

Kannan said, "I didn’t need to spend a long time to paint this piece because it all came from my love. When donating the paintings to the program "For a triumphant Vietnam ", I hope everyone can feel that."

Kannan has also been a judge for "For a Triumphant Vietnam". Born with Down syndrome, to become a brilliant artist, yoga and meditation teacher, Kannan tried her best to overcome daily challenges. The 30-year-old artist's childhood was associated with long therapy interventions and treatment. For this reason, she understands and always gives special attention to vulnerable children.

The three paintings will be auctioned at a "For a Triumphant Vietnam" gala on Nov. 5. All donations will be sent to Hope Foundation of VnExpress to support cancer patients and disadvantaged children.

This isn't the first time Kannan donated paintings to Vietnamese children. During the eight years she lived in Ho Chi Minh City, she held three exhibitions in 2011, 2013 and 2015. More than 100 paintings were sold during this time. Every work created by the Indian artist has helped light the lives of many children suffering heart disease, orphans and the disabled in Vietnam.

Karishma (red ao dai) raises money for Vietnamese children at the exhibition Miracle of Karishma, 2011. Photo NVCC

Karishma Kannan (L, 4th) at the exhibition "Miracle of Karishma" in 2011. Photo courtesy of Kannan

After each exhibition, Kannan set out to directly support those in difficult circumstances. Although she left Vietnam eight years ago, the artist said she would never forget the happy smile of Dang Tuan Kiet's family in Hue when he received preoperative heart surgery in 2012. She is still moved when she thinks about Le Nhat Phong or Phan Truc Linh lying in hospital because of congenital heart disease. The artist's support has afforded these children a new life.

Currently, painting is the only means by which Kannan can support suffering children. She said: "I love Vietnam. The last time I donated paintings and met the family of a child was a long time ago. I'd love to return to Vietnam again."

Kannan hopes her paintings would be auctioned to help more children overcome adversity. The artist said: "I wish they were all healthy. When the competition is over, I hope to see the happy images of the children's families. Those images would be the motivation for my journey."

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