High in Hanoi: Mermaids, wizards and swimmers on meth

By Pham Van   May 17, 2016 | 02:37 am PT
Since it first started appearing on Vietnam's streets, meth has been driving addicts to perform all sorts of crazy stunts, and has now become the no-brainer conclusion for all the weird things we see these days.

Man or mermaid?

On Labor Day this year, everyone did a double-take when they saw this scene in the heart of Hanoi.


A man, allegedly under the influence of meth, plunged into Hoan Kiem Lake in an apparent attempt to tour the famous landmark. Efforts by both law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens were rendered useless as our athlete headed for the Turtle Tower.


A group of policemen received the report and decided a boat was the best course of action. They caught up with the man after he had reached the tower. Negotiations with the swimmer proved fruitless, as he continued to pose as mermaid, stripping off his clothes in an act of civil disobedience.

The negotiators' patience soon ran out and the subject ended up being escorted to a police station for tests and questioning.

Naked wizard prays for rain

On another morning in May, a man, also thought to be under the influence of meth, was spotted wearing nothing walking down the street and performing some sort of ritual that included sitting on the street, clasping his hands and praying.


The man, though lacking a red carpet and designer clothing, still effortlessly turned heads on the street. Following a series of unfathomable acts, the man turned out to be harmless.

At noon, the man turned up in the same attire again on other street.

At noon, the man turned up in the same attire again on another street.

According to a Hanoi-based lawyer, public nudity can be slapped with a fine, but the penalty has been removed leaving the man untouched by any laws or regulations.

Highway freestyle


The first case that ignited the chain reaction happened two years ago. On a March afternoon, a slender man attempted to swim up a dirty wet road near Luong Yen Coach Station in Hanoi. Thought to be high on meth, he performed a medley of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly without the help of water, which is usually needed for most forms of swimming.

Photo: Internet


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